LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Health care for corporate profit or our health


Every person needs health care insurance coverage. In America, the richest, most abundant country on earth, why don't all citizens have access to affordable health insurance coverage? 

Take away the politics and lies about health insurance -- the plain simple truth is our health care system is fractured because of money, the corporate bottom line. Profits above all else, including your health.

Time after time, Republican Party (elected officials and members) platforms have consisted of multiple attempts to dismantle the public health systems in our country. They have punched holes in the system while offering no real or potential replacements.  

The Republican bottom line for health care is to maintain systems/programs that maximize the corporate financial bottom line, not improve the health care system for people. Those two things are not incompatible, but only if you also care about the well-being of people. 

Case in point, count the Republican platform attempts to decrease, dissolve or minimize Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Years after the final passage and enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the GOP is still trying to erase the law from the books. 

The ACA afforded health care insurance to over 20 million. Yet, the GOP continually works to get rid of the law entirely. If the law has problems (as most legislation does), then fix, not destroy it. What happens to the millions of people insured by the ACA. Do they just die in the street? Does anyone care?

Fast forward to the current pandemic. 

There is chaos and needless loss of lives in state after state. To date, over 30,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. Republicans are not to blame for the coronavirus, but they shoulder a great deal of blame for the initial weak American response and inability to mount effective actions to stop or slow down the spread of the deadly illness.

Call your elected officials. Ask them to stop supporting legislation that dismantles, weakens or eliminates health care systems. Demand your senators and representatives (state and federal) work to strengthen and support health care insurance, programs and services. Ask them to join U.S. Sen. Doug Jones in supporting the expansion of Medicaid in Alabama.

When you go to the polls in November 2020 to elect a slate of leaders for the next four years, remember the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and your elected leaders' tepid response and actions to effectively deal with this crisis. Vote accordingly.

Martha Jordan,