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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Guess who’s next after Antifa, BLM replace America’s government?


When the last statue is taken down of America`s historical figures, when the last book teaching of them founding and building America is burned, when and if Antifa and BLM replace America’s government with a Marxist one, guess who’s next?

Historically, when a country’s government has been overthrown by communists, the first to go are the politicians who are in power from the last government. Before mayors, county governments, state governments and the federal government cave in to the demands of these Marxists groups, just remember you are next on their list of things to get rid of. 

No amount of appeasement will save you or us from their wrath once they replace your position in their “new” government. While the protests started out as peaceful demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, they have long since been hijacked by Antifa and BLM, with their only purpose being to overthrow and replace our existing constitutional republic.

No longer are the riots, looting, burning and violence about George Floyd, but about getting rid of our government and sitting politicians. To prevent this, you can stop this Marxist revolution or keep caving into their demands until they replace you.

There will be no former politicians holding offices in their new “utopian” communist regime. 

Billy Price,