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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government, media using COVID to stoke fear


What has happened to accurate reporting by the government and media?

Everyday, all day long, they tell us how many people have caught COVID-19 and how many have died from it. Not once do you give the percentage of those that have caught it and survived it, which is the majority.

From my various sources pertaining to the real statistics and numbers, less than 1 percent of Americans have caught COVID-19. Of that 1 percent that have caught it, 99% of those have survived it. So where are your numbers supporting a pandemic, you have never given them? You promote fear without the COVID-19 statistics to support your claims.

I might catch COVID-19 and die tomorrow, but I will statistically be a part of the fraction of the 1 percent who died from it. I feel sorry for those who have caught it and feel for those who have died from it & their families. However, remorse does not change the fact only a small miniscule number of victims have died from COVID alone.

A person can go into a hospital because of a stubbed toe, car accident or a number of other bad health conditions or old age and die there, only to be listed as a victim of COVID. Do you suppose this is because hospitals receive more federal money for COVID patients being admitted and dying there? The number of deaths from COVID is very, very skewed.

COVID-19 has been with us going on one year, and the government tells us to wear a mask, wash our hands and distance ourselves, or we are all going to die. Please explain why the people who have not done any of the following precautions for the past year are still alive today?

Shutting down schools, businesses or anything else for a less than 1 percent infection rate is the height of stupidity. Yet supposedly, "smart" people are complying with these government dictates like sheep. We quarantine the sick in this country, not healthy Americans.  

 In conclusion, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize any mayor or governor the power to shut down government or private business under any circumstances. Those that do are in violation of the Constitution and should be dealt with accordingly. 

Billy Price,