LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'God sent us Trump?' An open letter to Tommy Tuberville


My concern with your TV ad is not about Republicans or Democrats; it's about honesty.

You say "God Sent Us Trump."

How did you arrive at that conclusion? When did you know that? Was it revealed to you about the time you decided to run for office or much earlier?

You must have had a wonderful experience with the Lord to have that revealed to you. If I encountered such a marvelous experience, I might have bought a full page ad in the Daily Home to share that experience with everyone, whether I were running for office or just an old retired man.

I do believe God can and does make things clear to people about his will and plan for mankind.

What I do question is why anyone with that kind of supernatural encounter with God would only speak of it after declaring for political office.

Please, Coach, tell us about your revelation or hang your head in shame for thinking you can fool people into voting for you just because you make fake claims about an Almighty God!

I am not convinced GOD is a Republican or Democrat!

Don Stephens