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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dr. Anthony Fauci shows his true colors in interview with congressman


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the "alleged" health expert who has managed to destroy the greatest economy in memory, dictated we stay away from bars, restaurants (6/24/20), canceled sporting events, told us to stop conventional church services and stay off planes (7/30/20), was interviewed July 31 by Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who pinned him down whether large crowds breed the spread of COVID-19.

Yet, when Jordan pressed him on shouldn't we prevent protests that attract thousands of people, Dr. Fauci crawfished. He refused to say that, directly contradicting statements he made seconds earlier! His response was he should leave that up to officials. He is perfectly comfortable dominating our lives on everything else but won't comment on protestors? Who is pulling his strings and who exactly is he protecting?

Fauci's credibility is puzzling when he continues to contradict himself. During the third week of march, I personally saw and heard him say that masks, "......are not necessary and are more or less symbolic." You are aware of his position now on masks!

source: New York Times; The Washington Post, July 31, 2020

James Anderson,