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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disappointed with setup at CEPA for Pell City volleyball match


Last evening, I went to the CEPA building in Pell City to watch my granddaughter’s volleyball game. 

A mask was required to enter. When I got inside the gym, the lower seating was closed because a double court was being used. 

The balcony seating was too crowded for social distancing. Also, the majority of the people seated were not wearing a mask. 

I did not feel safe in this environment, so I left after the first game of the set. This is the kind of setting that is very dangerous in spreading the COVID virus! 

I do not understand why this is being allowed by the Board of Education. I am 80 and very vulnerable to the virus. I would love to watch my granddaughter play, but under these circumstances, I will not be able to attend. 

Why would this be allowed?

Margie Sears,

Pell City