I sincerely hope Americans in general are paying close attention to stories coming out of Washington regarding efforts to force President Trump from office! Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's new book hits the newsstands this week and McCabe made a splashy appearance on CBS' 60 Minutes to, obviously, sell his book.   

Andrew McCabe, as you will recall, was fired as acting FBI director just one day shy of collecting his pension for lying to Congress about press leaks. I have watched his CBS 60 Minutes interview twice and remain unsure of what exactly is going on. There is possibilities of selling his book, or a bureaucrat seeking revenge for being fired, or maybe genuine concern of the direction the country is headed.

McCabe candidly admitted that he and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met on multiple occasions discussing wearing a wire to entrap President Trump, and protracted discussions originated by Rosenstein about removing the president from office using powers of the 25th Amendment, going so far as to tabulating cabinet members’ votes they could rely on.

Understandably, this admission has set off a firestorm in Washington. Senior Republican senators led by Lindsey Graham say this behavior constitutes an attempted coup and are declaring yet another investigation. With obviously unexpected blow back, both Rosenstein and McCabe are trying to back off their original statements with Rosensenstein refuting and denying McCabe's claims. Both men are lifelong Republicans.

This places our national government in precarious uncharted territory. We have non-elected government employees (bureaucrats) plotting to unseat a duly elected president of the United States. Even to the common guy on the street, this is in direct violation of Title 18, Section 2381 of the United States Code. Treason!

What these people have done is much more than "giving aid and comfort to an enemy" in the Code. They have schemed to thwart the will of the voters by removing a head of state and that under the code, is "High Treason"! The penalties for High Treason range from a minimum of five years in prison to death.

Just listening to this garbage makes me nauseated. How could anyone in their right mind be party to such behavior? Regardless of political party affiliation, surely you will agree that the "Never Trumpers" who are trying to hound the president from office have crossed the line this time. Surely, our Department of Justice will administer justice evenly, blindly and firmly in this case to two of their very own.

James W. Anderson