LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats impeachment of Trump is a clown show


The Democrats’ very feeble attempt to impeach Trump in the Senate is the same old Schiff Show they brought over from the Democrat dominated Congress. Still no proof, but plenty of long-winded Democrat speakers screaming for the Senate to impeach Trump based on their dislike of his policies, innuendo, rumors, etc., and nothing else.

With three months to gather proof Trump committed high crimes they wasted it on unproven blather in the House. Now the Democrats want the Senate to prove their impeachment case by calling in witnesses, which is not the Senate’s job, but that of Congress.

All the Democrats can do now is talk a good game in the Senate as Pelosi sat on their charges for four weeks instead of bringing them before the Senate, extra time they should have used to find proof, if there is any, which is very, very doubtful.

The Democrats’ whole flimsy charade of impeachment contains no proof, but plenty of the Democrats’ wishful thinking and desires. They have told themselves the same lies about Trump for so many years that they, themselves, believe them … based on no truth or proof. Now they expect the Senate and American people to believe them, as well.

If the Barnum & Bailey Circus had as many clowns as the U.S. Congress has, it would still be in business. However, the Big Top (Congress) is putting on the world’s largest clown show for the Senate.

Billy Price