LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats' blind hatred of Trump hurts the party, not the president

Most of the people who voted for Trump are not registered Republicans and do not identify as Republicans. They voted for Trump because the Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, espoused ideas that only help their party's leadership and agenda and does little to help average Americans.
The Democratic Party's ideas and agenda are well matched with those in the Communist Manifesto for those smart enough to know what that is or smart enough to research it. 
This country has a bleak future considering the leadership of the Democratic Party has become habitual liars pulling untruths and half truths out of thin air and presenting them as the whole truth. Their agenda is to get Trump out of office at all costs, never presenting one idea of their own outside those of the Communist Manifesto.
Their own blind hatred of Trump is doing more damage to their own party's future than it is hurting Trump, but they are not smart enough to see this as their hatred against Trump has blinded them to any truth or facts. The lie of Russian collusion failed to achieve this goal as has many others. Now they push the coronavirus as being Trump's fault.
Truth is, this virus originated in Wuhan China. Their communist government tried to hide this from the world as this virus grew and spread to many countries around the world, killing many. All because the Chinese communists lied to protect their communist government instead of protecting their own people or those in other countries.
This is the type government the Democrats want for America where "the ends justify the means" no matter how many Americans it kills.
No, Trump is not America's biggest problem, you are.
Billy Price