Under (D) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez`s (AOC) Green New Deal, America would be hurled back into the 19th century. Under her, fossil fuels would be banned, which means means no public or private transportation unless you rode a horse or a mule. I wonder if it would have to be the Democratic Party’s jackass?

Vehicles powered by electricity would be out of the question as well since fossil fuels are the source used to create that electricity. Hydro-electric dams would only produce one-third of the electricity this country uses annually. Wind and solar power is out as it would take more energy to create them they would ever produce in a lifetime of service.

There would be no air travel either, but AOC says we can all ride a train to other countries. Perhaps she has a plan to build railroad bridges or dig tunnels under the oceans to all those places. Oh, never mind, there would be nothing to fuel her trains anyway, so it’s a moot point.

I wonder how she will stop cows from passing gas and leaving a carbon footprint? Something Mother Nature has taken care of for thousands of years, but she knows more than nature does? (D) Cory Booker does not want people eating meat either.

I guess when we are not riding our mules, we can all plow and grow huge vegetable crops (if the Democrats have not taken our land) as the Democrats will have all our guns and we can’t hunt deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

With Democrats like these, I just don’t see how Republicans can win in 2020. All they have to offer is common sense on all the issues where Democrats are failing miserably.

Billy E. Price