LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delay of Alabama run-off election due to pandemic raises questions for candidates


The unprecedented reach of the coronavirus pandemic has hit every aspect of American life.

Thus, it was no surprise that Gov. Kay Ivey moved the date of the Alabama Republican runoff election from March 31 to July 14.

After a request from the secretary of state and clearance from the attorney general to move the date, the governor amended her state of emergency proclamation.

Now we are looking at another four months extension for races for the U.S. Senate, two congressional districts and a seat on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

Neighboring states like Louisiana and Georgia also moved their election dates.

So now that the election has been moved to protect both poll workers and voters from being exposed to the virus, the real question is how do candidates campaign for votes during the pandemic. For starters, making campaign fundraising solicitations to fund a successful campaign in the midst of the worst economic crisis in a generation will not be easy.

With voters more worried about their families and jobs, candidates have to decide, do they want to put their campaigns on a low key temporary sabbatical for now or push forward. July may seem like a lifetime away, but voters will be analyzing candidates through what happens between now and election date looking for able leaders.

Thus, those going to the polls will judge which candidates can continue to lead this nation and state through the pandemic.

Tough decisions to be made in difficult times for our state during an important election cycle.

Paul DeMarco