LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dear Fat, Stupid Kid with flaming red hair


Folks with the same disorders you had can lose their flaming red hair.

If you are fat … you can lose it.

But, being stupid … that's harder to lose!

As a kid, you may tell us of how you played Superman. I didn't know Superman as a small kid. However, I did demonstrate to a younger kid my impression of Jesus.

With the little friend watching, I showed him what Jesus could do. I jumped off a chicken house.

It was a disaster and the kid may have become an atheist for life. I have no idea why I thought Jesus would jump off a chicken house.

But, the thought does enter my mind that a lot of kids today may know more about Superman than Jesus.

My hair is no longer a problem … I comb my hair with a washcloth.

Weight is not a real problem.

Yet, I still have a problem with stupid.

Maybe we should work more on our stupid and less on our hair or weight.

David, I applaud what you write to provide humor during our time of great division and lack of true confession as to who we are.

Don Stephens