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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: COVID-19 is losing steam


The New York Times published an article several days ago stating that COVID-19 was waning. This article said fewer people were catching it and even fewer were dying from it nationwide.

The governor of Florida canceled wearing masks in his state recently and said it’s time to get back to normal. Why? Because the daily national reports on COVID-19 were so conflicting that all they accomplished was confusion for the citizens of his state.

COVID-19 has weakened and is dying. Gov. Kay Ivey needs to stop listening to her cadre of doctors who would have us wear masks until every disease known to man was 100% cured, which is not possible.

Or, at the least listen to our state’s doctors, who realize COVID-19 is just another form of flu that has just about worn itself out. Or, is Kay Ivey more confused about COVID-19 than the governor of Florida? 

Billy Price,