For the first time in American history, a group of high-ranking officials in the F.B.I, D.O.J. and C.I.A. have tried to overthrow a president who was duly and legally elected by the American people. All because of a Russian lie in a dossier bought and paid for by a bitter candidate and her political party because they lost and felt entitled to the people’s office.

Whether a person likes Trump or not, there is something much bigger in play -- laws, rules and regulations that keep the citizens of this country free and ensures their votes are counted and their voices heard. Not just in this election, but in every election.

If the free election of candidates is impeded, that is a usurpation of the U.S. Constitution and destroys this republic from within. There is enough evidence to support this conspiracy, and there is no need for further committees to hash and rehash it or have further testimonies before Congress, the Senate or anyone else.

All the conspirators from the highest levels to the lowest should be brought before a grand jury and charged with treason. If convicted, they should be executed. Cutting this cancer out of our government is the only way to keep it from spreading and killing this country.

Such an act would be a deterrent to those in the future who would seek to overthrow this government from within and rob its citizens of their constitutional right to freely elect those who would govern them and their country.

Billy E. Price