LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Change is fine, but common sense also required


Confederate statues are coming down, pancake mix will never be the same, Mrs. Butterworth can't decide what race she has been for years, Uncle Ben and his bow tie may be gone.

If all that brings peace and harmony throughout the land, I can live with that!

However, the idea that Tennessee statues can be replaced with one of Dolly Parton bothers me. Louisiana replacing statues for one or several of Britney Spears does trouble me.

It does seem we need something that helps us to be a REAL United States of America.

As lovely as Dolly Parton is, she's not the answer. Britney Spears, really?

Still, that might be better than a Lady Gaga statue!

If our country is bent on going that route … my vote is for a big statue of COUNTRY BOY EDDIE.

Really, it may be time for changes, but it is also time for some common sense.

Don Stephens