LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bubba Wallace, NASCAR benefited from staged story


The Bubba Wallace NASCAR story was about more than race relations and the rebel flag.

As a 43-year resident  of Talladega, Alabama, who has worked numerous NASCAR races here in the past, it was obvious to I, along with many of the local business people, that the Bubba Wallace event at our track this past weekend was a staged event seized upon by both Wallace and NASCAR.

Wallace told The New York Times last week that he has raced in 88 races but never won a major race. Furthermore, he has not finished in the top 10 since 2017. He desperately needed some headlines to survive. He admitted as much in his NYT interview.

As far as NASCAR is concerned, it is a well-known fact the NASCAR experience has been declining for several years. This is especially true at the Talladega track, where NASCAR invested more than $50 million in track improvements in the past year.  This decline, along with the COVID-19 shutdown, meant a critical scenario for NASCAR and the Talladega track.  They, too, need some positive headlines and public relations. 

Consequently, NASCAR and Bubba Wallace were meant for each other, and both are enjoying the benefits.

Unfortunately, the good people of Talladega and the state of Alabama are the losers over this event.  As is to be expected, Talladega residents continue to be portrayed as a bunch of redneck hillbillies riding up and down the road with a rebel flag waving from the back of our pickup trucks.  

On the “ABC World News Tonight” (June 23), despite the lead story being the alleged noose being a door pull rope there since October 2019, the network, nevertheless, ran film of motorists on Speedway Boulevard and a plane flying overhead waving a rebel flag!

I would favor banning out-of-area news media from our area all together!

James W. Anderson,