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Letter to the Editor: Biden's absurd position on addressing gun violence

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Nothing is more demoralizing and sickening than seeing in the media where we have had yet another mass shooting.

The last month has been not any different with the Atlanta, South Carolina and Texas incidents. As to be expected, the latest events have triggered political responses from the Biden White House that are simply so lame and ridiculous they border on absurdity. In press announcements, Biden targets "ghost guns," which are homemade weapons, and gun shows. The wave of gun violence has not involved ghost guns or been tied to gun shows.

Furthermore, how is it possible to regulate a gun manufactured by an individual in his garage? Obviously, these weapons have no serial numbers and are non-traceable. Gun shows are as historic and traditional as gun ownership itself in this country. To think the government can simply control show activity by imposing rules is nuts. Any such move will just drive participants underground to where gun trades would basically become personal transactions between individuals.

The Biden administration is missing the target so obviously of the priority trouble spots. While the latest shootings are tragic, they are having such a lesser impact in terms of deaths and injuries than the continuing gun violence in Chicago. This week CNN and the Chicago Tribune reported that for March 2021, there were 233 shootings in Chicago with 233 victims. They further point out that this is a high for the past four years. Homicides in Chicago are up 33 percent for the first three months on 2021, shootings up by 40 percent. As everyone well knows, gun violence in Chicago is NOT new. It has continued for literally years with local and national officials being unwilling to even talk about it let alone act proactively.

Isn't it time we demand accountability and common sense in dealing with gun violence? We must have more than political posturing and window dressing from the White House.

Source: CNN, April 4, 2021; Chicago Tribune, April 5, 2021

James W. Anderson,