LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Biden’s days in politics are coming to an end


In the mid-’80s, I had the opportunity to meet then Sen. Biden at a Democratic dinner in Anniston. Not only was the steak supper excellent, but Sen. Biden had the packed house on their feet as he electrified the chanting crowd as they shouted “BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT.” He was touted as the most honest man in Washington.

What happened? The title has changed. Now former Sen. Joe Biden and vice president under President Obama, and has been the frontrunner as a Democratic presidential candidate is not only being touted as a crook, but falling fast in the polls. Politics is dangerous. The opponents pat each other on the back with one hand, while stabbing with the other. Biden’s political days are almost over, and I would not be surprised to see him indicted along with his son.

Now the rest of my story ... 

The remainder of the Trump destroyers had better be squeaky clean. Trump has been under the $40 million microscope for three-plus years, and is still president.

When the Democratic presidential debate climaxes, there will be more exposure. When the final Democrat is left standing and the general election comes to a close, there will not be enough medical personnel to sew up the Democratic presidential candidate. Trump will be worse than a piranha.

King David, in the psalms, says, “Fret not thyself from evil doers, for they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither.” Millions of voters and the religious right feel that Trump has the hand of God in his presidency and, if so, no weapon formed against him will be successful.

Five more years of Trumpism!

Larry Barton