It is strangely ironic that as Talladega is embroiled in debate on constructing a splash pad water park in the city, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued an ominous warning of increased infectious danger of using such facilities.  

This concern is in regard to a highly resistant bacteria called Cryptosporidiosis, or “Crypto,” which is immune to chlorine and lives for up to three weeks in public water parks.   

This bug originates from human fecal matter — specifically young children. Symptoms include high fever and watery diarrhea that usually last three weeks. The greatest risk to municipalities is the high cost associated with dealing with cleanup. Cities always must drain and scrub facilities, then provide new water. Yet, this may or may not work, meanwhile the municipality is without any revenue during recovery. 

CDC states that the rapid increase of outbreaks prompted this warning.  

James W. Anderson