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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An insight into the ‘actual values’ of Pell City mayoral candidate Jonna Roberson


Of late, the topic being pushed by Mr. Pruitt for the upcoming municipal election on August 25, 2020, is one of “values.”  

Mr. Pruitt’s new motto for his campaign is, “My Mayor, My Values.”  Mr. Pruitt and his supporters have called into question my wife’s values simply because she is a stand-up comedian. Mr. Pruitt has asked the citizens of Pell City to look at what she does and to question her values. Let me share a personal story to give the public an insight of the values my wife upholds. 

When I was 12, my mother passed from breast cancer, and I was left in the hands of a drug and alcohol addicted father.  My mother was very involved in our local church and always in attendance when the doors were open and even when they were closed.  I loved going to church with my mother as a child, and her faith in God and our church instilled in me as a child to dream of one day being a pastor.  

When this woman of faith and conviction was taken, her body having been ravaged by cancer, I became angry at God and turned my back on both God and the church. 

For the next 17 years, from 1983 to 2000, I kept God from my life, that was until I met Jonna.  

What I did not know at this meeting was that God, who I had turned from, had blessed me with the opportunity to meet the most caring, compassionate, loyal, selfless, authentic, honest and joyful woman I had ever met. God placed this woman of SOLID VALUES in my life to save His lost child.  For 17 years, I was a sinner, and those of us of faith know that we have all sinned, but God used Jonna Roberson to restore my faith, and I once again opened my heart to the Lord and the blessings from that day forward have truly been abundant. 

Anyone that actually knows my wife, truly knows her, will tell you that she is always upbeat, happy, loving and always has a smile on her face. She displays these values despite the fact she was up and down all night, each and every night, caring for our 25-year-old son Garrett who has cerebral palsy and autism.  

Even though Jonna may have spent an entire night changing the Depends of her adult disabled child, she has always stepped out of our home positive, optimistic and filled with faith and determination to bring joy and happiness to everyone she meets. 

The Daily Home published a Letter to the Editor online penned by a “Will Bailey.”  “Mr. Bailey” asked the citizens of Pell City to consider who they will vote for to represent our community.  As her husband and friend, I am asking the citizens of Pell City to do just that. Consider the values of my wife, consider her actions and her compassion for others, and I would ask each citizen to remember that “Will Bailey” is the fictitious character on the popular TV show “The West Wing,” and that there are no registered voters in Pell City named ‘Will Bailey.”

Philip Roberson,

Pell City