For the past decade, this nation has been consistently declining in educational standards and the quality of graduates. More recently we have witnessed the abuse of the college admissions process by the wealthy and well-positioned elite who paid bribes freely en masse to get their kids in prestigious schools, alter admissions scores and even secure athletic scholarships for non-athletic kids.  

The punishment, seen so far ranging  from probation and community service to 11-day jail sentences, is sickening and gives credence to the philosophy that in the U.S you get the justice you buy or have the influence to manipulate.  

The proliferation of "for-profit" colleges and universities across America sets off alarms for all social/economic groups of our society. These "institutions" are little more than diploma mills designed to profit from federal student loans and target primarily kids from disadvantaged areas. 

Where does this place us in the future of education and our nation?

Destroying a nation does not require nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. It only requires lowering of educational standards and acceptance of widespread cheating on examinations by students, resulting in: patients dying at the hands of such educated physicians; buildings collapsing at the hands of such educated engineers; money mismanaged or lost at the hands of such educated economists, bankers  and accountants; humanity dying in the hands of such trained scholars and theologians; and justice lost in the hands of such educated jurists.

"The collapse of the educational system is the collapse of the nation!"

As a free society, we are perilously drifting down the wrong path in education and as a nation.    We have no one to blame or hold accountable other than ourselves. The obvious conclusion is for every citizen to step up and work to reverse this dangerous trend.

James W. Anderson