LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Alabama won’t get better until we pay more taxes


The letter to the editor from Penny McPherson was spot on regarding property taxes. Everyone has something they feel the state of Alabama is not doing adequately, from prison reform, mental health services, roads, etc.  

Since property taxes are set based on the value of the property, it is apportioned to have the folks living in $300,000-plus homes to pay more than the folks living in $79,000 homes. Businesses also share proportionately. 

Even the slightest raise in taxes would not be felt by 99% of Alabamians.  I hold our state elected representatives responsible for fearing the words "raise your taxes." Why? Are they too interested in things less important? The standard of performance by Alabama institutions and services will not improve until we pony up!  

Beverley W. Brewer