It made me happy to read that Alabama and Auburn students came together to help the tornado victims in Lee County. For many years now it has disturbed me to see the hatred and lack of civility by too many fans of both these schools towards each other, over what? Over a sports event?

A game is just that, a game. Its OK to pull for your team when a sports event is being played. If the other team wins, congratulate them, and the team that loses should be given handshakes by the winning team with everyone walking away as friends and fellow human beings. God still loves both equally.

You should want to win over the other team in any game played, but leave it at that. There is no place for arguing and fighting 24/7 over an event that has already been played or has not taken place yet. It is a waste of time and energy that could be spent on much more constructive things like helping those in both both communities overcome tragedies, like the Lee County tornado.

The world has too many more important problems that need to be solved without adding to its misery over a game that’s suppose to be enjoyed, then let go by the students, fans, winner and loser after its over. Be a person who brings more common sense and civility into the world than when you found it instead of adding more confusion to it.

When a game is not being played, both sides have more in common than either would ever admit. This is what both should be building on. In short, people who make a game more than a game have ruined sports for many of us. Tone it way down and be constructive, not destructive. Both teams will be better for it.

Billy E. Price