I get the local paper and read almost all of it every day I get it. I have noticed that what you say in your columns is usually what I call "whipping the white boy."

For instance, I noticed your scalding column about Virginia's Gov. Ralph Northam's "black face" incident -- whipping the white boy for his past transgressions of thirty-five years ago.

And then this week your column was about our president Donald Trump's fake national border emergency. You called him a liar and while doing so actually lied yourself. (I will get to your lie in a paragraph below). So here we have another "whip the white boy" column from you.

It seems to me it would perhaps been in line, after "whipping and flogging the white boy" Gov. Ralph Northam, for your next column to be about Virginia Lt. Gov. Justine Fairfax. After all there are two women who have accused him of sexual assault. Or is this not "news" to you as he is a black man and not a "white boy" to whip on?  

Perhaps if you were not such a racist and bigot, you would have followed the Northam story with one about Fairfax as well.

And now back to your lies in your column about our President Trump. You declared that Trump had two years in which Republicans controlled both the House and Senate and he could not convince Congress to give him money for a wall. True. Yet, the Democrats had both houses for eight years under Obama and did not fix the immigration problems that plague  our borders that you call made up. It is strange that on video after video we can here Obama, Chuck Schumer, Biden, and many other leading Democrats saying during that time of Democratic control that we need a wall on our borders. We saw back then the Democrats voting to put much more money into a wall than our President Trump is asking for. If you don't know these facts, you are one dumb journalist. So why don't you quit your lying and tell the truth once in a while.

Anyone who works on the border will tell you there is no working immigration plan and the situation is in shambles. People are getting ahead of the people that are trying to abide by the law and come in to be citizens the legal way. And Trump did not wait as you say until the Democrats had the power to say no about the wall to make it an issue. Trump has been making this an issue even before the election.

Most people with common "horse sense" can recognize why the Democrats want open borders.   The reason Pelosi is fighting the wall so hard is that she owns a wine vineyard in Napa Valley, California, that is said to be worth $5 million. She does not want a wall because it might hinder all the cheap labor she gets from illegal immigrants picking her grapes.

Another reason is the Democrats have no morals or conscience about right or wrong anymore and they want all the illegal voters they can pick up. Illegals are already voting in California and other places.

Now if you want to actually quit for a week or two from just "whipping the white boy," then I have given you something you can actually write that is the truth.

Johnny Arant