Duryea Truss and Vickey Robinson Hall

 Duryea Truss (left) and Vickey Robinson Hall

TALLADEGA -- The election contest filed by Talladega City Council Ward 2 candidate Duryea Truss has been dismissed at Truss’s request, according to court records.

Those records don’t give a reason for the withdrawal.

The case was set to be heard by Circuit Judge Will Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth granted Truss’s motion to dismiss.

Truss declined to comment on his reasons for dropping the suit.

Truss lost a runoff for the open Ward 2 council seat to Vickey Robinson Hall in early October. Hall won by 285 votes to Truss’s 236. In the suit, Truss says there were 78 absentee ballots cast in the runoff, with 75 of those going to Hall.

Neither Truss nor Hall was represented by counsel. 

Four years ago, candidate K.D. Dickerson challenged the election of Jarvis Elston on grounds similar to those cited by Truss. Dickerson also represented himself, and Elston hired an attorney.