The Student Government Association of Central Alabama Community College, Childersburg got it right.

They stated concerning celebration of Black History that it would no longer just celebrate Black history, but every one's history.  "We want to make the event about everyone."

I was a product of Talladega County School System from 1942-1954. Those were Jim Crow days.

Even then, students that I remember were excited with stories about George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington. These men were heroes to young minds in those days. They were men of American history and, moreover, historical icons from Alabama. They were the first Alabama famous men we knew.

It is a shame we were not introduced to more notables among blacks, but we cherished what we did know.

My point, we shared Black history then because it was American history.

Why not now?

And, I am glad to live in Childersburg … that's where someone agreed, Black history is every one's history.

Don Stephens