St. Clair Co. Sav-A-Life in Springville

St. Clair Co. Sav-A-Life in Springville

SPRINGVILLE -- Forgiven & Set Free Post-Abortion Healing classes will begin the week of Aug. 20 at St. Clair Co. Sav-A-Life in Springville. These classes are free and confidential.

Sav-A-Life has been serving families in St. Clair County since 2002.

Angie Cantrell, director of the St. Clair Co. Sav-A-Life, said she believes this is one of the most powerful aspects of the organization’s ministry.

“Many women who have an abortion carry shame and guilt silently for many, many years, feeling that (they) can never be forgiven,” Cantrell said. “Forgiven & Set Free truly sets her free from that shame and guilt. It is an amazing transformation.”

Cantrell said she has three women who will facilitate these classes, and one who will volunteer as a community outreach coordinator.

Jan Vaughn lives in Springville and has been a facilitator at Sav-A-Life the past five years.

“I went through this program myself,” she said. “It is incredibly important for these women.”

Vaughn said when her mother and mother-in-law died, she went through 13 weeks of grief sharing with a support group.

“I see a lot of similarities,” she said. “This is a safe place, a confidential place to share your heart. It’s a place where you can share denial, shame, regret and unforgiveness. These classes can get you to a place of forgiveness and being healed from the decision that changed your life forever.”

Donna Davis is one of the co-facilitators and has been a facilitator the past three years.

“These classes are so extremely important. If you are a woman who has been through an abortion, this Bible study will change your life forever,” Davis said. “This class will help tremendously.”

Davis said she found out about Sav-A-Life when she went to 180 Church in Springville.

“That’s how I got involved,” she said.

Patty Thompson is another co-facilitator. For 23 years, she kept her abortion to herself.

“For me, personally, when I went through the class in 2013 in Chelsea, it changed my life,” Thompson said. “Now, I am a changed woman.”

Originally from Pell City, Thompson moved to Moody and now lives in Odenville. She said so many of the women who struggle with abortion are actually church-goers and are afraid to tell anyone.

“That was me,” she said. “I was a church-goer who was scared to say anything about it. Once I started going to the Bible study, it touched on every situation I was struggling with and going through in my life.”

Thompson said these classes are important to women who think they have dealt with the issue of abortion and they think it’s over.

“I now facilitate other classes,” she said. “I am so glad classes like this are now offered in St. Clair County.”

Shaylene Burlage is an outreach coordinator at Sav-A-Life. She said this subject is such a secret that women continue to keep it a secret due to the guilt, shame and embarrassment.

“I know,” she said. “I kept my four abortions a secret for 32 years. My first was at age 16, and my fourth one was at age 23. I finally spoke out in 2016 at the age of 48.”

“Jesus forgave me of my sins. I was forgiven, but until I took this class in 2016, that poison was still in my life. I could not talk to anyone, because no one understood.”

For more information or to register, contact Vaughn at 205-467-7322.

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