FAYETTEVILLE -- More than 200 elementary, middle and high school students from Munford, Fayetteville and Talladega competed in the Talladega County Archery Tournament on Monday at Farmlinks Field.

Nine teams participated in the fifth annual event.

In the high school division, Fayetteville’s Chase Wydemon took first place with a score of 234, narrowly defeating Munford’s Camron Sirmon, who claimed second with 232. Yancey Brown finished third for the Wolves with 203.

“I’m really excited for Chase,” Fayetteville archery coach John Limbaugh said. “He’s a great kid. He’s a big deer and turkey hunter. We’ve got a lot of those down in Fayetteville, so he’s putting what he’s learned into practice also in the wildlife part of it.

“I’m also excited about Yancey, who placed third with a 203 mark. That’s really good … I’m proud of my guys for what they’ve accomplished.”

Munford Middle swept the middle school division. Macon Griffin earned first place (206), while teammates Clay Jones (194) and Tyler Stephens (180) took home second and third place, respectively.

“I’m very proud of my guys today, especially Macon,” Munford Middle School archery coach Jennifer Darby said. “He’s really been improving with every competition that we’ve been to and is really starting to show that he’s a top competitor … It was windy, it was cold and the conditions weren’t perfect, but of course, those top three persevered. They showed up and showed out for us today.”

Fifth-graders Trenten Stringfellow (186) and Lathan Stephens (184) represented Munford Elementary as the first- and second-place finishers in the elementary division.

“Trenten and Lathan are both leaders on our team,” Munford Elementary archery coach Heather McMorris said. “They’ll be showing their skills at the middle school level next year, and we’re really proud of them. Our team as a whole (had) good effort despite the obstacles of freezing cold weather, smaller targets (and being) up against the wind since the tournament was outside. They rose above the obstacles and still brought home a win.”

R.L. Young Elementary School’s Matthew Haynes ended his day with a third-place finish.

Limbaugh said he was thrilled with the effort of his younger shooters, but credited Munford’s talent at each level.

“I saw some elementary and middle schoolers from Fayetteville who were shooting really well, but Munford’s hard to beat,” he said. “Munford has a great program there … I just really appreciate the schools taking part.

“Archery’s such a good thing because unlike football, basketball, baseball -- the major sports -- anybody can take part in this, and it’s a level playing field for boys and girls. It’s such a great program, the (National Archery for Schools Program), and we’re just glad glad to take part in it.”


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