MUNFORD -- A beloved family bakery has returned to the Munford community.

Evelyn’s Bakery 2 is now accepting custom orders for cakes, cookies, pastries and bread.

The popular Munford business is now owned and operated under cottage law by Evelyn Renee Watts Stone, daughter of the late Evelyn Foshee Watts, of Munford.

Watts and Stone ran the family business together for more than 30 years until Watts and three others from the Munford and Lincoln communities were killed in a fatal two-vehicle accident in July 2016, near Winterboro.

“The community really loved her,” Stone said. “I remember people telling me the whole town seemed to be grieving because there was absolutely no traffic on the road that day. Most everyone stayed at home. It’s been hard for me and the rest of the family, especially on holidays.”

About a year ago, Stone decided it was time to start baking again, after taking a year off after her mother’s death, she said.

“I also work as an instructional aide at Munford Middle School,” Stone said. “I love what I do at the school, but in the summer months, I have more time to bake. I feel closer to Mother when I’m baking and cooking. It was something she really loved to do; it reminds me of her.”

Stone added that word-of-mouth from Munford and surrounding communities also swayed her to start accepting orders again. 

“Friends and past customers would ask, and I would still bake for them on occasion,” she said. “I have a closed in section of my carport serving as the tiny bakery right now. I’m only able to operate under cottage law at the moment.”

Stone added the law prohibits her from making anything with certain dairy products such as cream cheese or her family's sought after cheese rolls. 

The law also requires small-business owners who bake non-perishable goods out of their homes to take food-safety certification courses and label each of their products with a disclaimer stating the food was made in a home and not inspected by the health department. 

A cottage food operation is any small business that produces low-risk food from one’s home.

The Munford native has maintained a loyal community customer base, however, especially for cakes.

Stone recently made a life-size guitar shaped cake for Reba McEntire impersonator Tara Kay Roseberry, of Birmingham. 

“If you send me a picture of what you want it to look like, most of the time, I can do it,” Stone said. “I can make just about anything.”

The skilled baker added in the future she hopes to expand her business space and have more copies of her mother’s three cookbooks available for sale to the community. 

“They sold out fast after she died, but we are hoping to get more copies made soon,” Stone said. “My mom loved to cook, and the community really loved her cooking.”

For more information on pricing and to place an order, visit, or text Stone at 256-252-2001.

-- Consolidated News Service staff contributed to this story.