Talladega Fire Department

TALLADEGA -- The Talladega Fire Department answered a dozen calls during the past week, with about half of those turning out to be false alarms or canceled en route.

According to Chief Danny Warwick, the first call of the week was to a trash fire in an open field off the 275 Bypass near Pope Street on May 9. The fire was extinguished quickly, he said.

The same day, firefighters also responded to a three-vehicle accident on Fort Lashley Avenue and Angus Road, Warwick said. One of the vehicles struck a power pole as well.

All three drivers got out of their vehicles on their own, but two were eventually taken to the emergency room at Brookwood Baptist Health Center/Citizens Baptist Medical Center by NorthStar paramedics.

The first call of May 10, to Shocco Springs Road at the 275 Bypass, was canceled en route, and a call to 101 East Parkway in Bemiston the same day turned out to be a false alarm. An alarm on Ironaton Road appears to have been tripped accidentally, also on May 10.

There were no calls for Saturday.

The first call for Sunday was another accidental alarm call, this one at Chaffee Street and Hillcrest Drive, followed by a one-vehicle accident on Birney Station Road. The driver was out of the car and ambulatory when firefighters arrived, Warwick said, and initially refused transport but did eventually ask to be taken to the emergency room by paramedics.

The only call for Monday was an accident involving three vehicles in the parking lot of the Dollar General on Battle Street. Two of the cars were unoccupied, and the driver of the third vehicle was not injured.

Both calls listed for Tuesday were accidental alarm activations, one on Homer Drive and one on Allen Street.

The only call Wednesday was to a daycare center in Bemiston, after someone left a potholder on a hot eye on the stove. The children were successfully evacuated, and no one was injured, Warwick said. The only damage was to the pot holder.

The first call for Thursday was to a residence on Court Street, where it appeared a candle had caused a small fire in a hallway. The fire was put out quickly, Warwick said.

As of Thursday afternoon, firefighters were still on the scene investigating smoke around the area of Alabama 77 and Alabama 34. A report on that call had not been filed yet, Warwick said.