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CHILDERSBURG – Cole Limbaugh will have to wait another day to play the final round of the River Run Disc Golf Open.  The championship round was postponed until today at 5:45 p.m.  Jacob Ozment, who is five strokes down, saw his dog get bit by a snake a few minutes before tee off. As of 8:50 p.m. Thursday, Ozment said his dog was doing well, but had to stay overnight in Birmingham.

 With the postponement of the final round, Limbaugh said his mentality has to stay the same as it was earlier in the week.

“I think the key in being in the lead is staying aggressive,” Limbaugh said. “If I play too subtle and he has a great day it is very doable. Then if he catches me, we would have to go to a three-hole playoff. I think the key for today is just stay aggressive and not let him catch up. If I play too safe and he has a great day, he will catch up. If I keep the pedal down and play like I have the last couple of days, I will be fine.”

Childersburg head basketball coach and River Run course founder Al Barnett said he made the course five years ago. Barnett believes the sport could have the potential to grow.

“Jacob Ozment and I laid the course out and start playing it. They have gotten real deep into it. My expertise on this was, when I was a kid coming up we only had two channels in the house – 6 and 13 – so all kids had to make their own fun, unlike today where they have everything at their hand. We made the course and got it ready. They have taken it on this summer. It gives people the chance to get out and do something. It is free, unlike real golf, which is super expensive.” 

Ozment had said on Wednesday that he had a chance to overcome a five-stroke deficit if he played well. Limbaugh, who is a rising senior at Samford, said he isn’t worried about his friend coming back to take the lead.

“I’m not worried about him, I just have to handle my business,” Limbaugh said.  “We had a lot of trash talking over the last couple of days, but I have to stay true to who I am and let my game do the talking.”

Limbaugh’s game has done the talking for him during the entire tournament. In the second round, he set a course record by shooting 20-under par.

Going into Thursday there was a four-way competition for third place.  Reeves Brashear shot a 12 under par to earn third place in the tournament.

Ozment said earlier in the week that the Childersburg Parks and Recreation Department is interested in making a course somewhere in Childersburg. Barnett advises disc golfers that they can’t play the River Run course unless they are with a resident of the subdivision.  He also added that he would like to see their tournament grow next year.

“We want to make this an annual event and add golfers to it each year,” Barnett said. “We would like for it to grow to a field of 20 or more. We want to see how it grows and becomes a sport here in Childersburg.”

Donations are still being taken for support for ovarian cancer awareness and eating disorder awareness. The donations will be presented to a representative from each organization after the championship match.

The final round of the tournament will start at 5:45 p.m. today in the River Run neighborhood of Childersburg.

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