FAYETTEVILLE – For past three years, the Fayetteville Wolves athletic program has dedicated time during the summer helping others. On Tuesday, the Wolves gave back to the community as they went to the volunteer fire department to wash the trucks.

“We did some community service. Our boys have to have six hours each of community service,” coach John Limbaugh said.” That is roughly 300 hours for the whole team. (Tuesday) was part of that effort to wash the fire trucks. We took care of the pumper truck and all of the emergency vehicles that they have at the volunteer fire department. Bo Hassell, who is a member of the volunteer fire department, opened up for us and moved the trucks out there – our football players were able to wash those. That is just part of the community service of what we do here. We believe in giving back and not just taking from our community, but our kids need to be involved in giving back. It was a lot of fun. The kids got a little soap on the fire trucks and some on each other too. So they had a good time.”

Limbaugh has taken his team to Birmingham’s Jimmie Hale Mission for the past three years.

“That was a good experience for our kids. Mostly seniors and a couple of others went to that. We also did some community service like washing windows and picking up trash around our area businesses, and of course keeping our school grounds clean. They have been very active this summer. They have to put forth a little effort to do it, but they have it done by the start of fall practice.”

In his three seasons at helm, Limbaugh said giving back through community service is one way for his players to show their appreciation for everything the Fayetteville community does for the athletic program throughout the year.

“We are always asking, and that is one part of my job that I don’t like is having to ask for funding and things like that, but we have to since we are a public school system,” Limbaugh said.  “We have to ask for help funding our program to do things the right way. This is one way of us giving back to the community that supports us so well, and we also do it for the simple fact that kids need to learn how to be servant leaders.  Being a servant is what life is all about. It is not about you, it is about other people, so we are trying to teach our kids that.”

Limbaugh said he believes his players enjoying giving back to their community.

 “Two or three of the kids have their own agenda during the summer, but if they are going to play sports for us, they have to pull it all together and do what we ask them to do,” Limbaugh said. “Generally speaking, all of our kids really love what we are doing. They really get involved and have fun. It really means a lot once they get this done and they know they accomplished this for these people. When you can help someone, you’ve had a good day.”

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