Jacob Ozment tied the River Run Disc Golf Open record on Friday by shooting 20 under par, but it wasn’t enough to beat Cole Limbaugh. The Samford pitcher shot 16 under par, which was good enough to defeat Ozment by one stroke.

“I didn’t play bad at all today, it is just the fact that he played that good,” Limbaugh said. “He tied the course record and played well all day. I think what really did it for me was I was able to birdie 16 and he parred 16, so that gave me a two-stroke lead with two to go. So I had a little bit more breathing room. It was hard to hang on. He played extremely well today and I was able to hang on by a thread there at the end.”

Coming into Friday’s final round, Ozment knew that he had a chance to catch up with Limbaugh from five strokes back. He said it came down to Limbaugh being able to strive under pressure.

“It was really intense today,”Ozment said. “Cole knows how to perform under pressure.”

Limbaugh believes that they both did what they had to do to come out victorious.  He said the difference was the first three days of the tournament.  

“I think we both handled the pressure well,” Limbaugh said. “He knew that he had to put up a really high score and that is what he did. I knew I needed to put up something over 15 to hang on and I was able to put up a 16. I guess you can say we both handled it well. It was just a matter of the previous three days that allowed me hang on to it.”

On the 18th hole, Ozment had a final chance to take the lead or force a playoff with a hole in one, but the disc came up short.

“We had some of the guys follow us today and I told them that I would rather get beat by 20 than get beat by 1,” Ozment said. “It came down to the last hole, and Cole was up two strokes. I trash talked all week. I said, ‘Cole you are going to be up on me in the finals and you get what you asked for.’”

After earning the win, Limbaugh received the Homeowner Association trophy and a green jacket from Al Barnett, founder of the River Run course.

“I’ve got the green jacket,” Limbaugh said. “It was provided by Reeson. It’s a green welding jacket.”

And the trophy was a decorative lamp.

“It was fun to win the inaugural tournament,” Limbaugh said. “Next year we are hoping to have tournaments spread all around and have four majors. To be able to say you won the inaugural tournament is pretty cool.”

Throughout the tournament, the participants collected donations for ovarian cancer awareness and eating disorder awareness.

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