TALLADEGA SUPERSPEEDWAY – The Talladega County Coaches Association presented its media day Friday afternoon in the media center at Talladega Superspeedway. This is the third year for the event, and the second year that it was held at Talladega Superspeedway. 

“In my opinion, this is the perfect venue here at the Talladega Superspeedway,” said Griff Hill, athletic director for Talladega County Schools. “We certainly appreciate Russell Brannon, Price Mason, John and all the guys that have been out here and provided this facility. For the media day, this is perfect. They have the sound equipment and it is set up for this type of activity.”

During the morning session, coaches from Talladega County attended seminars that featured Andrews Sports Medicine, Samford University strength and conditioning coach Ryan Davis, and Kevin DeShazo from Fieldhouse Media. Hill believes the coaches learned lot from the speakers.

“This morning, we had our coaching seminar for the Talladega County Schools,” Hill said. “All of our coaches paid and volunteered. I thought we had a really good session. Probably the highlight of the day was Kevin DeShazo from Fieldhouse Media. He is with an outfit that educates coaches and student-athletes on the use of social media.  He came from Oklahoma City all the way to Talladega. High school is not an area that he has dipped into. He has spoken to over 60 colleges and universities and 50,000 student athletes. It is really important, I think, for our coaches because of the problems that are out there presented with using social media and helping educate our coaches how to properly educate student-athletes. The thing that hit home with me is, it is not a social media issue. He said if the character is flawed, it is going to be flawed whether or not social media is. You can take away social media, but if you are not correcting the character issue, we are not fixing the problem. Our coaches do a wonderful job of building character in young people.”

Hill believes the coaches in Talladega County do a great job of helping their players develop on the gridiron as well as off.

“Tavon Lawson, for example, under coach Will Wagnon, he was SGA president and student ambassador,” Hill said. “He was a quality student, high character and I know Coach Wagnon had a lot to do with the development there. All of our coaches spend a tremendous amount of time with our kids, and developing character is important. John Limbaugh at Fayetteville, they do a good job of doing things outside of things athletic related.”

Sylacauga head coach Matt Griffith said he and his players enjoy being a part of media day.

“This is the second year that we have done this, and I think this is a wonderful thing,” Griffith said. “It looks good; you have all the jerseys up there and all the helmets. I think Griff Hill has done a great job putting this together. The kids really enjoy it; they feel like it is an SEC day for them. I think it is a great thing for the county. I am very fortunate being in a city school system that Talladega County allows Sylacauga to be a part of this, along with Talladega High School. ”

Winterboro head coach Alan Beckett has been a part of several school systems, and he believes the media day that Talladega County holds is one of the best that he has been involved with.

“I thought Griff Hill did a great job with the lineup.” Beckett said. “I enjoyed the sports medicine as well as the strength and conditioning coach from Samford. I think it is a good thing. … I think this was as first class as you will find.”

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