Update 2017 Main

The publication you’re reading – whether it’s in its print or digital format – has been published by The Daily Home for more than two decades. Other newspapers produce their own versions, which they often refer to as their Progress editions.

We call ours Update.

As a title, there’s certainly nothing wrong or ill-fitting about Progress, but we like Update better because of how well the word highlights the purpose of this project.

Look up the word “update” in a dictionary, and you’re likely to find two definitions: one for when it’s used as a noun and another for when it’s employed as a verb.

“Update” the verb refers to the action of improving something, making it more modern and up to date. “Update” the noun refers to a report designed to bring someone up to date.

Both definitions are relevant to what you’re now reading. The Daily Home’s 2017 Update edition contains information about recent accomplishments made by local government officials and leaders in industry, civics and commerce, as well as the challenges they’re facing. It explains what they have done – and what many newly-elected local officials hope to do – to improve their respective communities as one year closes and a new one begins.

In effect, this special publication brings you up to date about the stories of Talladega and St. Clair counties by taking a look back at some accomplishments and significant events of 2016 while considering the state of local governments, schools, health care and business at the start of 2017 and looking ahead at what is expected and hoped to be accomplished during the coming months.

As in the past, we’ve grouped these stories into four main categories.

Government & Industry examines the state of local municipal and county governments, also taking a look at how things stand as far as economic and industrial development is concerned.

In Health & Education, we offer a glimpse into the state of local schools and health care providers at the start of the new year while recounting some of their recent accomplishments.

Friends & Neighbors will introduce you or reacquaint you with some familiar faces in local communities, recognizing what they do for the benefit of others.

In the three Commerce sections, we’ll visit some local businesses that are mainstays in or recent newcomers to Talladega, Munford, Lincoln, Sylacauga, Childersburg, Oak Grove and Pell City.

As you read these stories, it is our hope that you will support the advertisers who have enabled us to bring this information to you. They have invested in this publication because they believe it’s important to recognize and document progress, and because they believe in investing in the communities they serve.

The Daily Home is grateful to them for this opportunity and to you as readers, both on a daily basis and on such special occasions as this Update.