For the record, I am not always pleased with Donald Trump’s language. However, I am not voting for him to be the pastor of my church or even for my Sunday School teacher. I am voting for someone to run my country’s government and will look out for our best interests first.

If elected, Trump is going to be dealing with world leaders, many of whom are not Christians but, very, very nasty people. So maybe it’s well he speaks this second language, one which they will clearly understand in words and tone. Don’t cross America and its citizens, or else you will pay a steep price for your mistakes.

As for all this talk about him not knowing what he is doing which makes him dangerous - that is nonsense. He did not become worth millions by not knowing what he is doing. If there was anything easy about this, his opponents would be worth billions as well instead of being professional politicians. Besides, how many billionaires do you know? I don’t know any. Get the point? Trump is a very, very smart man.

Like him or hate him, his openness and straightforward approach and talk is refreshing compared to the double-speak of today’s professional politicians. The more the Democrats, left-wing kooks, GOP establishment and the rest of those who will lose if he is elected president rail against him, the more they prove to me he is exactly what America needs in the Oval Office.

Playtime for those entrenched in Washington politics will be over, and their desperation to derail him and maintain their status quo says it all.

Billy E. Price