On Wednesday, The Daily Home published a letter to the editor, written by GOOD OLE BOY Steve Hurst, indicating I had lied about him. First of all, I have not made any comments that appeared in the Daily Home, so just wondering how a letter could be published denying something I said that was not said in the Daily Home.

Had the Daily Home been able to get some comments from those allegedly in attendance, the paper would have reported that Steve Hurst and several other ministers, of color, were allegedly at a local church, and thousands of dollars was distributed to the ministers to get the members to vote for Jackie Swinford.

One individual, allegedly in the meeting, left when he learned what the meeting was about. Before leaving, this individual allegedly chastised the ones in attendance about why they would consider voting for a man who was drunk driving and killed a young black woman, leaving her little children without a mother.

I would challenge those allegedly in attendance to prove they were not there.

If this did not happen, why have so many said it did? I would take the word of the ministers before I would believe Hurst.

Larry Barton