On July 17, the people of Talladega County will have the opportunity to cast their votes for a good man to serve as our attorney general — that man is Steve Marshall. Steve is an accomplished prosecutor who served as the district attorney for Marshall County for more than 15 years. He founded the Marshall County Major Crimes Unit and the Marshall County Meth Task Force. His office was also recognized for its model domestic violence prosecution program. Steve helped draft and pass a state law that recognizes an unborn child as a second victim when a violent crime is committed against the expectant mother.

As our attorney general, Steve has taken an aggressive approach to fighting crime at the state level. Last January, he launched a major Initiative on Violent Crime in an effort to stymie Alabama's increasing violent crime rates. Through that initiative, he has established strong partnerships with his federal and local counterparts, has increased training opportunities for local law enforcement, and has played an integral role in bringing violent offenders to justice all across Alabama.

It has been years since Alabama elected a prosecutor to serve as our attorney general, and it is time we change that. I cannot overstate how important it is to have one of our own serve as the chief law-enforcement officer of our state. The law-enforcement community needs a leader and a champion that understands the challenges we face and knows how to bring people together to solve them. Steve has proven that he is the right man for the job.

Though I could go on about Steve's qualifications, I will close by telling you that he is an honorable man who is grounded in his faith. He is principled and thoughtful and works hard every day to serve well the people of our state.

Please join me in electing an attorney general that Alabama can be proud of. Get out and vote Steve Marshall on July 17!

Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore