Sen. Del Marsh and colleagues are showing their true reason to support Native American heritage. It’s campaign dollar green.

Public records establish that Marsh and friends, the only votes that really count anymore, received campaign funds from Poarch Creek Indians, PCI. It wants no competition and clearly controls Alabama’s Republican Legislature for that purpose.

We’ve long begged for an opportunity to vote on a lottery. There are two proposals. Marsh will only allow for a vote on SB220, a constitutional amendment that would give PCI a monopoly on gambling, close all dog and horse tracks, and potentially all bingo operations. Moreover, the actual lottery’s “games” would be so limited that projected revenue would be insufficient to meet a lottery’s intended needs. SB220 is a mega-jackpot for PCI and Marsh and company whether the voters approve it or not

If voters pass it, PCI scores a mega-win and Alabama has a useless lottery. If it fails, PCI loses nothing and Marsh, who’s never “had an appetite” for a lottery, can say “see, they didn’t want it.”

Honorary Chief Marsh has declared that another lottery proposal similar to other states, SB130, won’t be considered.

And we wonder why things never change.

Clifford Andrews