It is a privilege, a right, an honor, and an obligation for every registered voter to cast a vote FOR the candidate of your choice.

It would seem that an informed voter would be able to make a choice based on merit rather than mudslinging comments.

The qualifications of the candidate should also be considered when making your choice. And we should vote FOR and not AGAINST a candidate.

I do not plan to vote for a "GOOD OLE BOY" candidate, but for a MAN who would represent our county with competence and integrity. Both men are definitely respected in our county and are to be admired for wanting to serve as probate judge.

But looking at the two candidates in the runoff, notice that Mr. Swinford is serving his second term as county commissioner, whereas his opponent was defeated in an attempt to be elected for a second term. Also, please notice that Mr. Swinford is a college graduate, an entrepreneur employing many local residents, a licensed attorney with much experience and knowledge of legal matters. His opponent does not possess a law degree.

Mr. Swinford has represented the voters in his district with distinction and has stood with those voters on several local issues.

In conclusion, if a voter looks at the qualifications, it would appear that Mr. Swinford is "THE MAN" to vote FOR.

Jackie Swinford is the most qualified candidate for probate judge of Talladega County.

Leon Stephens