The Winner girl gets five years in prison for “mishandling” classified documents, but Hillary Clinton mishandled thousands of them and is still walking around free? Not to mention the 20 percent of our uranium Hillary back-channeled to the Russians for personal profit, among many other crimes. Under eight years of Obama, is there any federal agency the socialist Democrats have not corrupted?

To top all of this off, the Democrats have spent the last two years trying to shift the blame for their crimes onto Trump’s back. Enough of Hillary’s crimes are documented that an investigation by the Department of Justice for her Russian collusion should have been started long ago.

A 26-year-old girl gets five years in prison for far less than Hillary has done. What’s wrong with this picture? There is no wonder the majority of Americans are losing faith in “our” government.

No Russian collusion has been proven against Trump, but there is plenty on the Democrats (among other crimes). Why no investigation?

If the Democrats manage to get Trump impeached over lesser things committed by other people long ago, that are not directly tied to Trump, then the Constitutional Republic of our Founding Fathers is 100 percent dead. It has been replaced by socialist, Marxists Democrats who have usurped our government and appointed themselves as our fascist dictators.

The only rule of law will be whatever dictatorial decrees spew forth from their mouths over any whim, instead of our long-established law. Those of us who still believe in the freedoms provided under the old Constitutional Republic will have no choice but to exercise our Second Amendment constitutional rights at that point.

Long live our Constitutional Republic!

Billy E. Price