As the curtain closes on the Democrat Presidential Debate, and having watched intently for almost seven hours, it has been another embarrassing dilemma — not for the viewers, but for the candidates.

Several of the candidates, trying to score points by pouncing on former V.P. Joe Biden, remind me of disgruntled church members. They keep bringing up something that Mr. Biden said or did 30 years ago. The same thing with church members. A member said or did something years ago, and a disgruntled church member brings it up every time it becomes advantageous for them, or to embarrass the other church member.

I am not a member of any political party, but usually vote for a person I feel would be the most concerned and helpful to the ones who need the most support.

Unless something drastically changes between now and the 2020 presidential election to make me change my mind, I will vote for Trump for another four years. For two nights, I have listened as 20 wannabe individuals have spent much of the air time sharing that President Trump is a liar, while accusing each other as not being honest about certain events.

Finally, there were two positive things that made me really thankful as the curtain closed. First, only one of these 20 will be nominated to represent the Democratic party in the presidential general election. Secondly, Trump will defeat this Democrat candidate.

Larry Barton