Two letters to the editor in Sunday's Daily Home deserve attention and respect from readers.  First, the thesis of Juanita Curry McClellan's letter, stating that Talladega can move forward by examining its history, is very sound. As residents, we do well to examine where we have been as a community, so we can learn from our past, and  make wise decisions for our future. We do well to remember the great things that have happened here, and to have faith that these things will happen again -- if we elect wise, unselfish leaders. In an age in which self-interest and special interest seem always to trump the seeking of good for ALL people, we need to hear Ms. McClellan's call to accept our responsibility as citizens to elect leaders who will do what is best for all the people.

Martha Jordan's letter to the editor also deserves commendation. In an age of fake news, I commend her for solidly basing her opinion that President Trump fails in being a good Commander-in-Chief on verifiable facts. Any one of us can google the direct quotes Ms. Jordan cites as grounds for her conclusions. By his words, the 45th president has disrepected so many in our nation's military: from Army generals, to Gold Star parents, to grieving widows of U.S. advisors, to the late Sen. John McCain, a decorated war hero who refused to be released from captivity and torture in a North Vietnamese prison until all his fellow captured comrades could also go free. It was quite an insult when then-candidate Trump said, "I like my heroes not captured." This came from someone who never served in the military, at all.

My personal takeaway from these two well-reasoned letters is a deep hope that all of us will rediscover what it really means to be a citizen of this community, and of the United States of America ... a citizen who is well-informed, and not taken in by bluster, bias and soundbites.  

If democracy is going to make it, we must all do our very best to tell the truth, and act on it, for the good of all.

Rev. Emily R. Davis