Are you as relieved as I that the election is over? While the election process is a precious right we enjoy, nevertheless, it sometimes taxes our patience with the relentless mudslinging and nonstop TV ads.

Yet, I always look forward to casting my vote. It was not totally unexpected that there were troublesome delays with incredibly long lines Tuesday both locally and nationally. While the national media reports that more than 39 million Americans voted early, there were long lines across the country the entire day. Georgia reports that several voting locations had voters complaining they waited up to three hours to vote.

Locally, The Birmingham News is reporting that the voting process in Alabama was marred by long lines, machine malfunctions and other inexplicable delays statewide. In Talladega, significant delays were present especially at the Spring Street voting location.

Personally, I experienced unnecessary delays both Tuesday and during the the earlier primary election. Some of my neighbors stated that they were unable to vote after having gone to Spring Street twice because the workers were unable find their names, even though they are lifetime residents of Talladega. Other friends said they didn't try since they had experienced past delays.  Social media over the past 24 hours was replete with complaints of long lines outside the building and down the sidewalk as late as 6:30 p.m. at Spring Street. The complaint seemed to be either malfunctioning machines or workers unable to promptly process voters.

Currently, 23 states allow early voting. It is time for Alabama to come into the modern world and allow early voting. Thousands of working Alabamians simply cannot spare the time to stand in long lines to vote. By virtue of the outdated process, we are denying the right to vote by not providing a fluid and modern system.

James Anderson