I'm going to make Mr. Billy Price mad at me. His letter advocating for the secession of “Liberal” states from the Union is not new for him, but to me it misses the point of “E Pluribus Unum” (“from many, one”) that is the bedrock of our country.

Since its founding, the United States of America has been about differences of opinion, and how compromise can cement a nation of people with different opinions into a strong and supple entity. We may disagree about how to get there, but in the end, we want the same thing – a nation where people are free to pursue happiness.

Winston Churchill is supposed to have asserted that “Democracy is the worst form of government ever invented – unless you compare it to everything else.”

I am going to offer one other opinion that may ruffle Mr. Price's feathers. I know that he is a patriotic American, but so are people who espouse differing philosophies. Mr. Price uses the words “socialist” or “socialism” to demonize people whose ideas differ from his.

It is my belief that “Justice for All” includes equal access to affordable health care. Medicare for All is an idea whose time may be soon at hand, and why not? Virtually every developed country has some form of “socialized medicine,” except for the USA. The arguments that I hear against it were also used in countries like our neighbor to the north, Canada. I am old enough to remember when Canadians voted in favor of national health. I am also old enough to be on Medicare, which I have found to be a well-run government program.

During my professional career, I had the pleasure of working with Canadians, as well as with people from other countries with “socialized medicine.” Guess what – They LOVE it! No one is left out, as can be the case with for-profit medicine.

There, I have put my two cents in on a few subjects. I welcome responses, positive or negative, because America is a place where lively discussions can happen, with no fear of persecution. This is why I love the USA!

Mariah Skinner