Editor, The Daily Home:

Because Mr. Willie Farrior led by precept and example.

Because he was innovative and courageous.

Because his desire was to project the positive and remove the negative.

Because, to his credit, he relied on his self-command to turn on the day when it began and his self-discipline to turn it off when the day ended.

Because he had the courage to accept a challenge no matter how difficult and the grit to persevere.

Because he was determined to do what others deemed impossible.

Because of his willingness to change what was unacceptable and his ability to accept what couldn’t be changed.

Because he was a dedicated husband and father.

Because he seemed to have started each day with the thought “Let today be mine for I might not see tomorrow. Let me take the time before time takes me.”

Because of all of these and more, the world is a better place for having known him.

Among all his other awards, Mr. Farrior received the 2013 Alabama State Association Daughters of Elks Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the World. This award is given to an outstanding citizen who is actively and visibly working for the betterment of the community and state. Mr. Farrior was selected from among nominees who hailed from cities across the state of Alabama. As the winner of this award, Mr. Farrior received a monetary award and was presented a plaque for his service.

In 2013, Mr. Farrior also served as the grand marshal of the Martin L. King parade.

Because of his diligent performance for the Alabama School for the Blind, Mr. Farrior was privileged to have a street named after him. Mr. Farrior was awarded many plaques and awards for his outstanding service in Talladega and in the state of Alabama.

As I reflect on such an icon in my city and community, I am fortunate and proud to have been in his presence and to have learned from his wisdom the importance of following your dreams and living each day as if you owned the world.

Mildred Woods