I’ll never forget the first day I reported to work at The Anniston Star in May 2003. I had a meeting scheduled with Ed Fowler to discuss my upcoming executive internship and the expectations of what I was to learn from this experience. For those who knew him, Ed was a tall, imposing man, and to this newspaper industry neophyte he might as well have been 9 feet tall. To say I was more than a bit intimidated in his presence at that time is an understatement.

However, what developed over the years from that eventful first meeting was a relationship in which Ed wore many hats. He was my boss, a mentor, and most importantly a friend. He was a good listener and an even better conversationalist. We spent many hours sitting in his office, often with him talking and me listening to his vast wealth of life experiences. He often bragged about how proud he was of his family, and the person he loved talking about most was his wife, Trisha.

Ed left us last Sunday, but he will certainly not be forgotten anytime soon by anyone who got to know him, especially during his various stops within Consolidated Publishing. Ed will always be remembered by those of us who were fortunate to work with and learn from him. I’m just proud to say I’m one of them.