Editor, The Daily Home:

I see where our Talladega City Council has voted twice in the last two months to suspend the open alcohol container law on the square for the Mardi Gras and April in Talladega events. This is very troubling to many citizens - including myself! What is the point in having such a law if our leaders are going to pick and choose the times to enforce them and who must abide by the laws and who gets a free pass? Does it have anything to do with who you are or just small town politics? Isn’t this “selective enforcement” which is unconstitutional as it violates the fairness provision of the Constitution?

This is not the first time our council has chosen not to enforce this law. I recall being present at council meetings in years past when the open container was “suspended” for race related events on the square. At the same time, I don’t recall ever seeing any April in Talladega guests drinking alcohol.

Where are our church leaders and ministers on this issue? Why are you remaining silent? Doesn’t your silence lead one to think you support or at least find no problem with this policy?

James W. Anderson