We were pleased to note the naming of 47 teachers in the Talladega County schools as Discover Educator STARS for their participation in efforts to enhance their classroom instruction with digital resources. In addition to providing products and services for educators, Discover Education also hosts and encourages opportunities for educators to interact with one another. By sharing with each other the ways in which they use digital resources with their students, teachers and administrators develop greater expertise and fluency in making the best use of the tools available. The company’s website also offers free homework help in all subject areas, plus free resources for parents and educators.

Networking is one of the best ways professionals have to stay abreast of developments in their fields and ways to improve their performance. It takes extra time and effort, but the benefits can far exceed the investments. The STAR teachers are encouraged to Share something they’ve learned, Teach their colleagues about new ideas and techniques, Assist their colleagues in implementing new ideas and strategies, and Report what they’ve done so that others may learn from their experience.

It’s encouraging to learn about ways our educators are working to improve classroom instruction as they work to help their students strive to be the best they can be.