Editor, The Daily Home

What do I think of what is now going on in the world we all are now living in – and I base my ideas of what I read in my history books and the bios of famous leaders of various nations – nations like Germany, even Nazi Germany, Russia and, yes, the history of the USA.

USA, which means “The United States of America!” Today it is a misnomer. Why? Because we all should now see that the states of our quarry are not united – the separation of Red States and Blue.

The USA is not UNITED. I repeat. The USA is not UNITED.

Look at our Congress and other government sections. Look close at the clash between the Reds and the Blues. There is an ideological war now going on in our country over religion, political and economically. Right now it’s a war of words.

In Russia today the troubles there are because the head of the snake of the old Soviet Union of Communism was chopped off when the Soviet Union’s war with Afghanistan was lost in 1989 and a revolution in Russia ensued and the “Commie” Empire was taken over by an “oligarchy” type of government.

By the way, the USA played a big part in the fall of the Russian empire in the 1980s. Read the history books on the Cold War years. (Now here is a side bar to the mess in Russia today – and it is this: Russia under Mr. V. Putin and his “oligarchy” type of government, is and seeking to rebuild the old Russian empire.)

The head of the new government is an “oligarchy” of oil barons and other rich organizations in other national resources.

By the way, it was an “oligarchy” group in the USA which helped the Afghans win the war of Afghanistan in its war with Russia in the 1980s. Read the book “Charlie Wilson’s War,” which is full of good information on how the USA helped to run Russia out of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Look now at our own troubles with the grave yard of empires – which is Afghanistan.

The head of state there, which the USA put him in power, Mr. Hamid Karzai, now says he does not need U.S. troops there (even a few troops). This was in the U.S. news this past Sunday. Now look very close at what may happen to the USA, which spent billions of U.S. bucks in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014. We may lose part of our empire there if we are run out of there. Could the Taliban regain power when we leave. Most likely they will try to make another go to take over the place.

The Taliban is a big group of religious nuts. Read their history. They love to torture people who do not agree with their religion especially the women and girls. The Taliban is not a very Democratic religion. The schools of the Taliban are run by Mullas, who brainwash the males from birth. The girls are not allowed to go to school and are treated like slaves.

The question now is can the USA itself ever be brainwashed or influenced by propaganda to be taken over by a “oligarchy’ type of government in the 21st century. I believe that it could, if the U.S. mass public does not read history. Is there enough powerful rich and monied groups in the USA to think of such? Time will tell.

Paul Miller